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Wholetones Therapy

Holistic Voice Therapy

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Client Feedback:

"The sessions gave me valuable time to reflect on my well-being...caused me to ponder on out-grown thoughts, ideas and ways of being.  To grow and allow change into my life" Sheila, 59

"Using the sound helped me to release unwated feelings and it also helped me to learn how to shift energy.  I have learned of a new way to connect with my inner sel.  It gave me more awareness in certain areas of my life and with that, I am more able to improve them" Ella, 28

About Holistic Voice Therapy


The Power of the Voice

Our voices present our emotions, identity and intentions throughout our daily life; they are our individual and unique tools of expression.

Holistic Voice Therapy provides a space to explore and transofrm the obstacles in life that affect our energetic states of being: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Using the voice in a dynamic and transformative way, the practitioner and client work together, incorporating techniques of movement, breath and postural awareness to facilitate change in health and well-being.